The aim of our online magazine is to provide what geocachers in the UK and around the world will consider to be an interesting, valuable and genuinely global resource that brings together in one place geocaching stories, experiences and knowledge and develops links with other geocaching communities and organisations around the world for the enjoyment of all and for the general betterment and global growth of our sport/pastime.

Originally created in June 2004 and with the aid of valuable suggestions, help and advice from fellow cachers (you know who you are!) the site is developing rapidly and gaining wide acceptance across the UK and North American geocaching communities. There are still some areas of the UK and many areas of the world which are unrepresented in the magazine so if you feel you would like to help in any way or if you have any comments that you would like to make about the magazine, please get in touch with me using editor@geocachingtoday.com.

One of the great beauties of geocaching is that Caches are placed by cachers for other cachers in good faith and without regard for cost or personal gain; rather to share places of interest, beauty or personal meaning with others. I would dearly like the magazine to continue and grow to achieve its aims in a manner in keeping with this ethos.

From the outset it was intended that www.geocachingtoday.com be a non-profit making venture in as much as all proceeds from the site will go towards the upkeep and further development of the site and the sport of geocaching in the UK.