An American Cacher in England

I am Eric Taylor, better known in the Geocaching world as Geo Boo.  I live in the little town of Cody, Wyoming next to Yellowstone Park.  Not to be confused with Jellystone Park and Yogi Bear (think geysers).  I am 14 years old and have been caching for only about two years.

American Cacher The Cache

I got started in caching by my uncle and cousins who live in Utah who have been caching for a long time.  My first cache found was called Home on the Range by OnTheLabelJ, which is only minutes from my house, and things went from there.  I have only visited one other since.  I take more joy in placing than finding.  The coolest cache I have placed (other than the one in the UK) is on top of Heart Mountain, that overlooks us here in Cody.  If anyone is coming over here to visit the Rocky Mountains or Yellowstone Park, come to Cody, Wyoming (at the East Gate of Yellowstone National Park) and you can’t miss Heart Mountain.  Another of my caches to look up is the Five Springs Campground cache on the Bighorn Mountains east of Cody.  It is situated near a series of waterfalls, the longest and nearest of which is about 100 foot drop.

American Cacher Five Springs

We (my family and I) have enjoyed leaving caches on vacation including Prescott, Arizona, Qualcum Beach, Vancouver Island, BC.  In both of those, we left a Travel Bug.  In the Arizona cache we left a Trolli Troll called Geo Troll.  He has traveled all over the American South west and all the way to the East coast.  Our other one, a grasshopper toy called the Travel Bug Bug, was placed in Qualcum Beach, traveled all over Vancouver Island, went to mainland America, and then all the way to Australia!

I also made a Virtual cache called The Mummy near my home that had a mummified critter.  I had cachers try to guess what the animal was.  It was a mummified Red Fox.  It deteriorated after a short while and had to be archived. 😉

My uncle and cousins who introduced me to Geocaching have done a lot of Geocaching in and around Utah and Wyoming, including a Virtual Cache in the Bighorn Caverns, near here.  The caverns are accessible by a 100 ft. rappel straight down.  It requires qualified rock climbers/cavers to go in, but the virtual cache can be seen from the opening.  I have had the chance to go into the caverns and there are miles and miles of chambers underneath the surface.

American Cacher

Our most recent travels were to the UK.  It was my third trip there and one of our favorite things to do is to tour the castles.  We also love Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  We discovered that Doune Castle, the site of most of the filming, was on our travel route.  We got the idea to place a cache there.  The castle was great and it was fun to see where the scenes from the movie were filmed.  We loved seeing the UK and hope to get back there soon.

Geo Boo

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