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Do you live or work or go geocaching in East Anglia?


If the answer is YES you will know that one of the great attractions for this region is its wide open spaces. The miles of coastland, the farmland and the woodland areas offer us great places to go off and do a bit of Geocaching . The region exceeds 5,000 sq. miles and has a population of 2.2m (resident) but during the summer months the attractions of East Anglia can draw in an additional 2 to 3 million visitors. So while we go off to some of these remote areas, along some of the dangerous coastal paths and cliff faces. We should note that if the worst should happen, no I don’t mean you’ve dropped the GPS over the cliff or even the other half, I am referring to the chance of being taken ill or suffering from an accident. We can rest assured in the knowledge that the area is covered by Anglia One, the East Anglia Air Ambulance. Our air ambulance service cover can make a crucial difference in a medical emergency, it’s speed and the ability to access these remote areas makes it an ideal solution to the particular problems posed by our region.

Callsign Anglia One Geocache

Callsign Anglia One

Back in the coldest days of winter (January) I decided to help promote the work of the Air Ambulance Service, by setting up a cache site in Norfolk. My thoughts were to place one in the most dangerous and remotest place I could find, but then you would need the helicopter to retrieve it. So after looking through my walk journals I decided the best place would be on the outskirts of Wroxham/Hoveton on the Norfolk Broads. The scene is a pleasant peaceful walk through the English countryside then suddenly the sound of a steam train as the train goes down the Bure valley line. This would surely be a great place for a walk as the gps guides you along your way with great expectations to find the cache. The cache itself, a somewhat large box lurking beneath a fallen tree, holds not only the usual goodies we like to see, but this one has a hidden agenda – to give you the chance to learn more about the work of the Air Ambulance and it’s team, as well as making a donation towards their needs. The cache contains some pledge forms which you can take home and send in to the fundraising team also their are some badges, milkcaps for the kids and stickers too, plus other geocache items.

Remember that anyone of us may someday come to rely upon the needs of the East Anglia Air ambulance or even their colleagues in the other Air Ambulance services across our country.

Callsign Anglia One Cache

Dave (Globetrotter UK)

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